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Circa 1925. Man standing on ground is the illegitimate son of Ira Williams, b. 1863, d. 1908, Robert Emmett Morley, Sr., b. 1906, d. 1993. Man standing on Robert's shoulders is unknown friend.

National Genealogical Society Member


I've been researching family histories since 1997 solving challenging questions regarding century-old paternity cases, surname discrepancies, and discovering kinship.

Researching records is a discipline that requires patience and careful analysis before drawing conclusions. According to the Board for Certified Genealogist, the researcher reasonably exhausts his or her search of all sources that will answer the research question. Itís not enough to say that a source is correct or reliable simply because itís published in a book, online, or a claim orally stated, no matter the familial relationship. Each source must be tested and proven to be true or false, accurate and indisputable, and publicly cited.

My research experience includes:

  • Federal, State, and Territory Census
  • Municipality and County Records
  • Local Museums, History Centers, Authors, and Libraries
  • State Archives and Repositories
  • Federal Archives and Repositories
  • Special Collections, Non-circulating Resources
  • Resources specific to African American and Native American Ancestry, Immigration and Naturalization
  • Databases specific to Educational, Vocational, and Special Training
  • Registries specific to Mass Transportation, Hotel/Motel, and Hospitals

My approach to solving research questions often includes the use of DNA, which may include one or more of the four types of DNA: Y-chromosome, X-chromosome, autosomes, and mitochondria. I am the administrator of two DNA projects published at FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) and have successfully helped others with their DNA results.

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Best regards,

Gregory L. Morley, M.A.


George MANWARREN and his wife Isadora Valera WEST